Job order workers now using the Biometric unit for their time-in and time-out (Credit to:Media Bureau)
LGU-Bayawan implements Biometric Timekeeping Sytem for Job Order Workers
(Date:10-01-2019 Published: 10-09-2019)

On October 1, 2019, LGU Bayawan started the Biometric Timekeeping System to all Job Order Workers where 10 biometric units are installed in various strategic areas within LGU premises.

Because of the wide area of the New Government Center of Bayawan, the Biometric units are placed nearest to the workplace of Job Order Workers. There are units in the City Hall main, Legislative building, General Services Office, Liga Building, City Engineering Compound, City Agriculture Compound, CSWD, Public Market, City Health Office and Landbank area.

This initiative was realized to implement a stricter timekeeping report that also complies with CSC form 48 or also known as Daily Time Record.

According to Mrs. Carmen Elnar, the Information System Analyst III that Biometric Timekeeping System was already used by regular and casual workers and she is grateful that because of the strong desire of the City Mayor Pryde Henry Teves to also apply the Biometric system to Job Order Workers which is now being implemented.

“I am very proud that Mayor Teves is our City Mayor, because of his strong support, this was implemented and I think Bayawan is the first in the province that almost all of the employees are now using Biometric System” she added.

Currently, there are 1,046 JOWs enrolled in this and overall, there are 20 Biometric units installed in LGU-Bayawan. 10 units for regular and casual workers and 10 units for JOWs.

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