Police Station Ground Breaking Ceremony (Credit to:Media Bureau)
Police Station Ground Breaking Ceremony
(Date:02-14-2022 Published: 02-14-2022)

On the morning of February 3rd, another groundbreaking marked the year 2022 under the leadership of Mayor Pryde Henry Teves. The Bayawan City Police Station structure is one of the many buildings that will soon rise in Barangay Poblacion, Bayawan City.

The event was personally attended by dignitaries of the city such as mayor Pryde Henry Teves, vice mayor Henry Carreon Jr. and city councilor Jonas Trias. The ceremony was also attended by the Philippine National Police headed by the Negros Oriental Deputy Provincial Director for Administration PLTCOL Carlos M. Lacuesta together with PLTCOL Art June Yotoko from PRO7 and Officer In Charge of PNP Bayawan, PLTCOL Kym V Lopez.

The police station has a 15 million fund wherein the city of Bayawan donated 1000 square meters of land as a counterpart for the said structure.

The construction of the new Police Station will improve the services of the PNP for the community at the same time this project will serve as a motivation to better help the people of Bayawan City specifically for emergency purposes.

The construction of the structure will begin soon and is expected to be realized before this year ends.

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