7th Cycle Revalida (Credit to:Media Bureau)
7th Cycle Revalida
(Date:02-02-2023 Published: 02-06-2023)

In the entire province of Negros Oriental, only the City of Bayawan enrolled in PGS.

Since 2007 Bayawan City sealed a partnership with the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) in its Performance Governance System (PGS), a tool for performance management and measurement that strives to convert organizational goals into tangible, quantifiable results through periodic breakthroughs that meet set standards.

At present, Bayawan is in the 3rd stage of the PGS Pathway, which is Proficiency, with the goal of reaching the final stage of Institutionalization this year 2023.

Last February 2-3 at BCTLDC Building, LGU employees appeared before the Multi-Sectoral Governance Council, the panelists to present their Vision Align Circles or PinakaImportanteng Gawain. Members of each Vision Align Circle (VAC) worked together on their PinakaImportanteng Gawain (PIGs) as a collaborative effort towards realizing the city's vision.

Some of the VACs presented were the Creation of Manual of Procedures for Procurement of Goods and Services of VAC No. 20 of BAC Section, PhilHealth Membership Campaign of CHO VAC No. 37, Establishment of Permanent Vegetative Cover (Tree Planting and Tree Growing at Brgy. Kalumboyan) of VAC No. 8 of GSO Admin and Drivers, and a lot more.

City officials were also present on Revalida as guest panelists and to support the LGU employees in streamlining PIGs with the goal of making Bayawan a model Agri-Eco City in Central Visayas by 2029.

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