Bayawan City is a Second Class Component City in the 3rd Congressional District of the Province of Negros Oriental, Philippines located in the southwestern portion of the island. It became a component city of Negros Oriental on December 23, 2000.

As a component city it is under the administrative supervision of the Provincial Government such that its actions are subject to review and/or approval by the said higher government unit. However, the shares in local taxes, such as, real estate, once enjoyed by the Provincial Government, ceased when Bayawan became a city. In the same manner, the City Government exercises administrative supervision over the twenty-eight (28) barangays, as well as the City Philippine National Police, City Bureau of Fire Protection and the City Bureau of Jail Management and Penology.

The City Government relies mainly on the Internal Revenue Allotment it gets from the National Government to fund its various expenditures for development and delivery of basic government services for its constituency. Its local revenue from taxes on real property, goods and services and other sources for 2012 amounted to PhP 34,462,297 while the IRS is 507,168,869; hence a dependency rate of 6.3%.

At least 20% of the Internal Revenue Allotment is allocated for Economic Development as mandated by the Local Government Code of 1991, and the programs and projects funded by the said allocation are being decided by the City Development Council (CDC), composed of Barangay Captains of the City and representatives of the accredited non-government organizations. Other special bodies involved in local governance, which have representatives coming from the community include the Peace and Order Council, People's Law Enforcement Board, Local School Board, Local Health Board, City Project Monitoring and Evaluation Committee, Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council, Council for the Welfare of Women, Council for the Protection of Children, and the Technical Working Group for the Executive and legislative Agenda.

At present, the City Government machinery has a total work force of 467 permanent employees; fourteen (14) elective officials; six (6) co-terminus personnel. There are two hundred seventy-five (275) casual workers and one thousand thirty eight (1,038) Job Order Workers hired to complement the present need of the City for the effective and efficient delivery of service.

The staffing pattern is designed to meet the needs of the City in pursuit of its Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives, guided by pertinent provisions of law and the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and Department of Budget and Management (DBM) regulations. Trainings are provided according to the City's Career Development Plan for employees.

In 2007, the City enrolled in the Governance Pathways program of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) to ensure that public governance be a shared responsibility between public officials and responsible citizens.

The monthly Executive-Legislative Meeting attended by City Officials and Department Heads (a sort of project management meeting) paved the way for more collaborative efforts between departments/offices in the delivery of public service. The Bayawanihan program adapted by the Character First! Coalition of the City has become a local platform for advocating discipline and civic responsibility among its members which come from various sectors of the community. In order to improve transparency in the transactions at the city hall, the city is implementing the Anti-Red Tape Act through its Citizen's Charter. It is expected to sustain the initiatives towards public service excellence.

The development direction and guiding vision of the City of Bayawan is to make it as agri-industrial center and learning hub for environmental best-practices. Practically, most programs and thrust of the City Government is towards this mind set of the Bayawanon officials and constituency. The city although still in her early state of city hood takes the lead in the socio-political and economic development in the third district of Negros Oriental. It is identified as a major growth node for the Province of Negros Oriental.

The City Government of Bayawan is headed by the City Mayor as the Local Chief Executive and the City Vice-Mayor as the Presiding Officer of the legislative body, elected every three years.

About this Website

The www.bayawancity.gov.ph Portal is the official electronic communication platform of the City Government of Bayawan. This Portal was officially launched in March 2002. Recently, this is grouped into four: Government, Citizens & Residents, Business and Non-Residents that serves as the City of Bayawan's online presence.

Bayawan City recognized the significance of the web presence in the world wide web (www), which coverage is entirely wide and without discrimination, in line with the computerization program as:

  1. medium for transparency & empowerment of its constituents;
  2. access point to avail the services offered in the government & interact with the public officials/employees in just a click away;
  3. roadmap for investors & businessmen to discover the richness of the City for business opportunities;
  4. complete guide for visitors; and
  5. online library of the City for students and researchers.

This Portal is designed, developed and maintained by the Information Technology Section of the City Mayor's Office. Contents in this portal are product of the different departments through its respective contributors. Concerted effort is being made to ensure that privacy is maintained at all times. For details of our privacy policy, you may read it here.

We welcome your suggestions on the www.bayawancity.gov.ph Portal to help us serve you better.

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