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  • Type of feedback:Inquiry Location:US Pacific
    Date Posted05/20/2016 11:22:33 AM Last Reply:05/20/2016 11:22:33 AM
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    Date Submitted: 05/19/2016 03:06:31 AM

    Any news for Tabuan road? That road look nasty for a barangay? anything city can do about it? It look like being abandon by the city government.

    Thank you!

    Date Reply: 05/20/2016 11:22:33 AM

    We already have a yearly Budget (PhP 5,000,000.00) charge to our EDF regarding that segment of road.

    (Sgd.) Eric O. Torres
    City Engineer

  • Type of feedback:Complaint Location:Bayawan City
    Name:Ponce d, Carmela
    Date Posted03/07/2016 04:57:38 PM Last Reply:03/07/2016 05:01:50 PM
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    Date Submitted: 02/29/2016 01:33:42 PM

    The social media frenzy might just help in keeping people accountable to the preservation of Bayawan City. And while it's good that you're spiking up tourism with crowded "nice boulevard but a lot of informal settlers", "Paunay" "shanty puesto", and "vendors" turn those pristine waters into human garbage and your tourism dreams are off the map. So keep it clean. Next thing you know, sewers are being drained into the priceless water and Omg, the rainbow colors of seashores because of your platic garbage.

    I've always thought that the lack of trash cans (and people to empty them, and of course lack of discipline, lazybones filipinos) is a big problem in the Philippines. Bayawan is a beautiful place, please help/save to maintain the City clean. Garbage now are everywhere.

    The boulevard has too long been home to informal settlers, to vagrants camping out there who aggressively panhandle/beg from everyone. Now they throw garbage anywhere and turning the boulevard into a free riff-raff campsite. Poop and pee just over the seawall, or anywhere and a lot of kids run around with no pants on, evidently pooping and peeing where and when they get the urge.

    Evidently anyone from mountain who wants to come to Bayawan live on the streets and or build a (shanty) house along boulevard and stay there for good are welcome, because City Hall isn't doing anything about it.

    If the general public would complain, maybe the mayor's office would do something about it? LGU? Politico? Disiplina naman jan. Yong totoong may malasakit sa bayan at sa kalikasan. Water is life. But complaining with regards to sanitary is not something commonly done here in the Philippines.

    Date Reply: 03/07/2016 05:01:50 PM

    Thank you for your voicing out your concern for Bayawan City. You are indeed right that the LGUs drive to boost tourism – especially since our vision is to be the top farm tourism destination in the country – might just be the catalyst that would drive Bayawanons to be more responsible. You are also correct in saying that the tourism potential of the city would be greatly hampered if critical issues such as public safety, mendicancy, informal settlers and waste management are not addressed. Sadly, the said issues are being faced not only by Bayawan City but also by other LGUs all over the Philippines. So how has Bayawan addressed these issues? The local government unit, led by the City Mayor and City Council, has definitely been putting these issues at the top of its “to do list”. We would like to inform you that as of today: * A total of 11 public toilets in 6 locations are situated along the boulevard stretch, of which 5 are portalets and 6 are permanent. The 6 permanent toilets are open when there are major activities in the area. * Food vendors selling “tocino” and “balbacoa” have been arranged in a temporary location. Preparations for a food complex called the Hayahay Square in front of Talipapa Beach Club is underway where these vendors will be relocated. * “Chichiria” vendors are scheduled for relocation soon at the newly constructed mini-gym. * A Farmer’s Market will also be constructed where the “paonay” will eventually be transferred. About the informal settlers along the coastal area, there are none as of today, as far as the City Hall is concerned. * Last February, the City Public Safety Office has taken charge of resettling 3 houses that have been illegally built in the area. * A tree house is due for inspection this week. * Fishing and personal items placed near the “paonay” area (which will most probably become another shanty if not dealt with) is also being addressed as of the moment. In terms of cleanliness and sanitation: * The City Environment and Natural Resources Office conducts coastal cleanup twice a month. * Personnel are assigned to pick up trash along the coast on a daily basis. * An area in one barangay is admittedly quite problematic due to nearby households throwing garbage in the canal. The short term solution, which is currently being enforced, is a regular visit by CENRO personnel to collect garbage pile up. As a long term solution, plans are already underway to cover the canal. * With regards to the “paonay” area, additional enforcers are stationed there every Saturday and Sunday. These enforcers segregate wastes collected from the garbage bins and trash bags strategically placed in the area. * Since 2009, a total P25,420.00 has already been collected from the penalties of those caught throwing garbage on the streets and those caught pooping and peeing. As for said “vagrants”, most of whom are children, “aggressively penhandling” passersby and kids running around with their pants off: * The City Social Welfare and Development Office regularly monitors street children not just at the “paonay” area but in all public areas known to be frequented by these kids. * The office regularly conducts rescue of these children and facilitates proper turn-over to the parents. * A proposed ordinance addressing issues regarding street children as well as the responsibilities of parents is currently being studied. As you can see, City Hall is putting precedence to all of these issues and we thank you for expressing your concern online. You may come visit the offices directly concerned if there are other matters you would like to specifically point out so we can serve you better. It is good for the citizens of Bayawan to be the watchdog of the LGU to create an environment of check and balance. Rest assured that the City Hall takes complaints seriously and acts on them for the good of all Bayawanons. (Sgd.) IREL F. MANANSALA Tourism and Investment Promotions Officer

  • Type of feedback:Inquiry Location:Tab-ang, Pagatban
    Date Posted11/10/2015 08:18:21 AM Last Reply:

    Date Submitted: 11/04/2015 12:24:42 PM

    Follow up re Illegal Construction in Tab-ang, Pagatban

    Egon Nile C. Jordan
    to cmo
    9 hours agoDetails
    1 November 2015

    City Mayor
    Bayawan City


    City Environment and Natural Resources Office
    Bayawan City

    Chief City Engineering Office
    Bayawan City

    City Planning and Development Coordinator
    Bayawan City

    Dear Sirs:

    Happy Halloween!

    Ten (10) days ago on October 21, 2015, I wrote you re illegal construction in Tab-ang.

    I really would like to take this opportunity to thank your good office on the prompt action you have taken on our complaint last October 23 and 27, 2015, in actually going to our place to initially assess and finally order the stoppage and cessation of the illegal construction thereat.

    Unfortunately however, just barely a day after the city hall personnel went to the area on October 27, 2015, to order the work stoppage, the perpetrators with willful and manifest intent to disregard the lawful order have resumed the illegal construction in blatant violation of the order to stop construction from the City Engineering Office.

    Yours truly is in awe at the utter disregard of the perpetrators of the lawful order/s issued by duly constituted authorities of Bayawan City.

    Attached herewith are the pictures taken as of this writing of the construction which apparently have been completed after the blatant violation of the order to stop construction last October 27, 2015.

    Hoping that appropriate legal measures be instituted to enforce lawful orders against the said illegal construction.

    It is further respectfully requested that the undersigned be furnished copies of the action/s taken by your concerned offices for his reference and perusal.




    Above letter was also emailed to the official email address of the Hon. City Mayor ISMAEL P. MARTINEZ on November 1, 2015.


  • Type of feedback:Complaint Location:Tab-ang, Pagatban
    Date Posted11/10/2015 08:18:08 AM Last Reply:

    Date Submitted: 10/21/2015 12:08:24 PM

    Illegal Construction in Tab-ang, Pagatban

    Egon Nile C. Jordan
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    October 21, 2015, 12:53 AM
    October 21, 2015

    City Mayor
    Bayawan City


    City Environment and Natural Resources Office
    Bayawan City

    Chief City Engineering Office
    Bayawan City

    City Planning and Development Coordinator
    Bayawan City

    Dear Sirs:

    I am Capt. Egon Nile C. Jordan, CAAP. Son of the late Edgar L. Jordan and Carol C. Jordan.

    Last Friday, October 16, 2015, my Mom was at the Office of the City Engineer to report an illegal structure being constructed at our "Punong" ( Fishpond) in Tab-ang by our relatives contesting our status thereat.

    Last October 2011, Mommy together with me and our relatives claiming ownership over the foreshore area/marine land have sat down and agreed in writing before the Office of the Barangay that both parties should respect the status quo and that no one shall make a move that will destroy the peace or status quo of the contested area in which we have adverse, prior, open, continuous, and notorious possession since 1983. It was further agreed that should the other party (Heirs of Alfredo "Pidong" Jordan Sr) have a colorable claim over the contested area they should file it in court and that we will willingly prove our case in the proper courts of law.

    That agreement binded all of us for the last 3 years until last October 10, 2015, when the heirs of Pidong Jordan Sr violated our agreement with the Barangay, against my Mom's opposition, and without permit from City Eng'g Office and/or DENR, there and then entered the subject foreshore area/marine land with force, intimidation, threats and stealth and illegally constructed thereon a permanent structure for dwelling.

    I am not writing you out of disdain or hate but out of respect for what is lawful and proper thing to do considering the given prevailing circumstances. My Mom is 81 years old, weak and alone and definitely she does not deserve that kind of disrespect coming from our own relatives.

    They do not respect our agreement with the Barangay, now with the same disrespect towards the City Officials, they intruded our area and constructed a permanent structure therein without any permit from the City Engineering Office or CENRO or any other appropriate City Government agencies.

    I hope that you can act promptly on my Mom's complaint report appropriately and promptly within the bounds of law.

    Please treat this as a complaint letter for and on behalf of my very old mother and of myself as her son.

    Your positive action on this matter is vigorously pursued.


    Aviation Consultant and Solutions Provider

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