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ORD. No. Res. 430 Ord. 242018-07-04Revised Paonay Ordinance Download PDF
ORD. No. Res. 383 Ord. 172018-05-28Gender and Development Code Download PDF
ORD. No. 3201812018-05-22ORDINANCE NO. 5 Download PDF
ORD. No. 532016-12-20Converting the Triangle Area at the corner of National Highway going to Kalumboyan into a "Rotonda" or turnaround and regulating the flow of traffic thereat Download PDF
ORD. No. 132016-03-04CNA Incentive Download PDF
ORD. No. 32016-03-02Institutionalizing Bayawan City Federation of Senior Citizen Association of the Philippines Download PDF
ORD. No. 12016-03-01An Ordinance regulating the operation of Pot-pot for hire within the City of Bayawan Download PDF
ORD. No. 22016-02-11Three Wheeled Vehicle Download PDF
ORD. No. 562016-01-04PPP Code Download PDF
ORD. No. 632015-12-14Bayawan City Meat Inspection and Slaughterhouse Ordinance Download PDF
ORD. No. 582015-12-14Fixing the Mortuary Assistance of the LGU at P3,000.00 to bonafide residents of Bayawan City Download PDF
ORD. No. 242015-10-28Revised Real Property Tax Code Download PDF
ORD. No. 342015-08-10Scholarship Program Download PDF
ORD. No. 72015-03-17Bayawan Hymn Download PDF
ORD. No. 282013-06-28Institutionalizing Character First Bayawanihan Download PDF
ORD. No. 312012-10-11An Ordinance prohibiting the use, sale, distributing and advertisement of cigarettes and other tobacco products in certain places, imposing penalties for violations thereof and providing funds therefore and for other purposes Download PDF
ORD. No. 212012-07-20An Ordinance declaring every last Sunday of the month of February of each year as Pot-Pot drivers day Download PDF
ORD. No. 72012-05-21Shoreline Zoning Download PDF
ORD. No. 52012-04-11Sugar Industry Download PDF
ORD. No. 52012-03-14An Ordinance establishing a Mortuary Mutual Assistance Program within the Employees of the Local Government Unit Download PDF
ORD. No. 22012-03-13Livestock Auction Market Download PDF
ORD. No. 262011-10-19An Ordinance requiring all graduating grade 6 pupils and 4th year High School students in all 21 hinterland barangays in th city to plant & grow at least 10 trees each every year in areas designated by the barangay officials Download PDF
ORD. No. 162011-08-11An Ordinance directing all Drugstores and Pharmacies including all its owners, managers and employees to strictly enforce the "No prescription, No dispensing of Anti-TB Drugs Policy" and providing penalties for violations thereof Download PDF
ORD. No. 152011-08-10An Ordinance banning the use of compressor as breathing apparatus in the conduct of fishing activities Download PDF
ORD. No. 22011-02-08An Ordinance on compulsory installation of early warning devices Download PDF
ORD. No. 352010-12-20An Ordinance declarinf February 12 to 18 of every year as the "Tawo-Tawo Festival Week" of the City of Bayawan and providing operational guidelines therefor Download PDF
ORD. No. 12010-02-10An Ordinance establishing 3 options in the processing of Bio-Diesel of privately owned coconuts using the LGU's Coconut Oil Expeller Download PDF
ORD. No. 312009-10-22An Ordinance converting a strip or portion of Telesforo Diao Street into a one-way street during school days Download PDF
ORD. No. 532008-12-10An Ordinance establishing a Bayawan City Firing Range Download PDF
ORD. No. 422008-11-05An Ordinance regulating the use of helmets, bonnets and similar headgear for motorcycle riders plying the city streets and various barangays of the City of Bayawan and for other purposes Download PDF
ORD. No. 382008-10-28An Ordinance establishing an incentive system for informants and witnesses of offenses & crimes and for other purposes Download PDF
ORD. No. 372008-10-28An Ordinance enacting the Code of Ethics of bayawan City Employees Download PDF
ORD. No. 232008-08-04An Ordinance regulating traffic along the Bayawan Boulevard, Bayawan City and providing penalties for violation thereof Download PDF
ORD. No. 162008-06-05An Ordinance granting insurance coverage for the members of the Auxiliary Police, Barangay Tanods and SCAA for other purposes Download PDF
ORD. No. 32008-05-06An Ordinance to prohibit and to regulate, cutting, havesting, damaging, destroying or burning all kinds of trees in specified areas in the City of Bayawan and providing penalties in violation thereof. Download PDF
ORD. No. 12008-02-14An Ordinance authorizing the City Mayor to exercise the Power of Eminent Domain for the purpose of acquiring a private property to serve as the relocation site of dsiplaced residents of Sitio Dita, Barangay Tabuan and providing funds therefor Download PDF
ORD. No. 522006-09-05An Ordinance regulating the operation of computer shops, internet cafes, games arcade and similar establishments Download PDF
ORD. No. 422006-08-17Excellence in Public Service Download PDF
ORD. No. 412006-08-17An Ordinance adopting RA 9175 Download PDF
ORD. No. 252006-05-23An Ordinance prescribing safety measures in refueling at any filling station within the City of Bayawan Download PDF
ORD. No. 122006-04-05An Ordinance regulating the domestication of dogs and providing penalty therefor Download PDF
ORD. No. 12006-01-133-Chambered Septic Tank Download PDF
ORD. No. 372004-11-10An Ordinance regulating the use of Equipment owned by the City of Bayawan Download PDF
ORD. No. 362004-11-10An Ordinance regulating the establishment, operation and maintenance of beerhouses, sing-along, bars, KTV lounges, clubhouses, discohouses and other similar establishments in the City of Bayawan, Oriental Negros, Philippines Download PDF
ORD. No. 32004-01-26An Ordinance granting exemption from any form of fees, rental or charges on the privilege to gather Bangus Fry and Prawn Fry within the city waters of Bayawan Download PDF
ORD. No. 472003-11-21Display Area for the sale of firecrackers Download PDF
ORD. No. 202002-08-27Granting Financial Aid to Government Employees Download PDF
ORD. No. 402001-11-21Lampirong Marine reserve Download PDF
ORD. No. 382001-11-19Local Council on the Security of Registered Vendors Download PDF
ORD. No. 12000-12-05Republic Act No. 8983 Download PDF
ORD. No. 152000-10-17Hamiling Bayawanon Awards Download PDF
ORD. No. 61998-10-12An Ordinance imposing fees for the utilization of the Municipal Fish Landing and berthing areas as docking area for water crafts Download PDF
ORD. No. Res. 259 Ord. 61998-07-22Traffic Ordinance Download PDF
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